Littleton Academy School Association (LASA)
Community! Volunteers! Funds! Support LASA and Share Our Future

LASA, is Littleton Academy's parent organization. LASA is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that exists for three purposes:
  • To build community
  • To coordinate volunteers
  • To raise funds
We focus on all three, because they all make an impact in the lives of the students, staff, and families of Littleton Academy.

We build community through the support of numerous LA events including, picnics, dances, and class parties. In August 2017, LASA sponsored the LA eclipse viewing party during the first week of school. In March 2018, LASA helped Mr Graeber with the first ever, I Ski with LA event at Mary Jane resort.

We coordinate volunteers to help support daily school operations, including lunch room and carpool, and also all of teh events throughout the year. LA receives credit from LPS for each volunteer hour recorded. Families are encouraged to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours each year. More is always welcome. And you can get an easy 1-2 hours each month by attending a LASA meeting.

We raise funds through various campaigns and programs, the most significant of these are the annual Family Giving Campaign and the fall fundraiser. However, there are so many other ways we help raise funds, including coordinating quarterly restaurant nights (also a great community builder), through promotion and use of King Soopers re-loadable cards (we get 5% back on purchases), through registrations for events like the annual winter dance and middle school tubing event, and there are still many more ways we raise funds.
Fundraisers are so important because your teachers and school facilities matter. School funding in Colorado is less than the national average, LPS funding is less than average in Colorado, and LA funds teachers at approximately 90% of the rates negotiated by the LPS teachers' union. A huge part of the money we raise goes towards teacher retention. We do our best to give them a bonus so that we keep our excellent teachers here at LA. We also finance teacher enrichment, allowing our teachers to go to conferences and seminars. It's a way to show our appreciation, but in addition, when they grow, we all grow. Since LA is public charter school, LA must maintain its own facilities. LASA helps support this through funding for classrooms including money for computers and technology, and supporting specials for the students.

Littleton Academy Store brought to you by Littleton Academy School Association (LASA).
The LASA store is managed by the LASA Organization and is run by a committed group of volunteers. All parents are voting members of LASA, whose input and time at meetings is so valuable to our operations. Join us and experiecne LASA at our next monthly meeting. Check the school calendar for dates.